ZINE Taxidermy

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Taxidermy is a series of images created and performed by Vu Dieu Huong. In these photographs, she transformed into the image of a hybrid creature, amix between stuffed animal and human. In this representation, she dresses in colorful, childlike outfits and wears a stuffed animal hat in the public space. Toying with the idea of putting women in unusual activities often performed by men, she aims to put viewers into this feeling of uneasiness, to the point where they feel secondhand embarrassment while feeling vulgar. Pairing two things that are to her so much alike and while posing questionable ideas in itself, she wants to tell a story and give off some good laughs (if possible).


16 pages.

Printed with Aqua, Yellow and Fluo Pink.

Free 1 postcard


W95 x H150 mm

Paper: Canaletto Bianco 120gsm